Washington, DC Randonneurs 300K Brevet — fabulous weather!

19:37 Eastern Daylight Time, May 6, 2006:

Riders are still streaming in on the Washington, DC Randonneurs 300K. Everyone is pumped up about their ride! We had a wonderful day, with temperatures ranging from the low 60's F to the upper 70s, with clouds in the morning and gorgeous sun in the afternoon.

About 55 riders showed up in Frederick, Maryland, at the foot of the Catoctin Mountains. It was one of the biggest turnouts for a local 300K in a non-PBP year. More details on our club, and rides, at http://www.dcrand.org

Mary G. and I had a terrific ride on our tandem. We went out moderately fast to Thurmont, Maryland, then fell back as we rode up Rt. 77, a long climb up toward Sabillasville. We also crawled up the Big Flat climb over South Mountain, but after the big descent into Sabillasville, and a double espresso at the Sheetz store, we had a fast run around the rest of the course, save for a slow stretch in the 150-mile area. Some big winds whipped up from the northwest and everytime we turned west we got hit in the face. But when we turned south it was a romp! We also cut our stopping time way down: just 1:35 off the bike in 13:09 overall. We wanted to work on staying on the bike in advance of the Cascade 1200 in June. See: http://www.cascade1200.com

The fastest riders started coming in just after 4 p.m. — wow — this after about 9,000 feet of climbing!

We feel the sport, while still small, is growing. We are seeing new faces at every ride.

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