Bleriot details

Here is the top tube of the Bleriot I recently purchased.

Bleriot top tube

Here are the two sides of the fork crown. They could have done a little better job on the white paint.

Bleriot fork crown #1

Bleriot fork crown #2

2 thoughts on “Bleriot details

  1. I bought a Bleriot frame in Dec and have exactly the same comment about the white on the fork crown and headtube.
    Also had a problem with the seat post slipping that was finally cured by replacing the bolt after the original broke from trying to prevent the post from slipping. Still don’t know why the bolt would have caused the problem.
    Otherwise I’m very pleased with the Bleriot.

  2. Steve, the blue Bleriot frame you see on my blog was replaced by QBP under warranty at no expense to me. I sent the replacement, which had no flaws, immediately to Bilenky Cycle Works for couplers and a full repaint. You can see the outcome eslewhere on this blog. I think the paint on the Bleriot is fair for the price and actually very good except for the white; I’d encourage Rivendell and QBP to sell the frameset as a single color.

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