Jon wins slot at Duathlon worlds

TDR’s own Jon Gardner has run and pedaled onto the UK world Duathlon team. In an email, Jon wrote:

This weekend, I qualified to represent Great Britain in the duathlon
age-group world championships in Hungary next month. Yes, they are
aware that I’m an American, but the team is open to legal residents.
That’s the strange part.

Given that I have a short amount of time to square away travel and
accommodation arrangements, I don’t know if it’s 100 percent a go yet,
but I was very happy to have qualified. The qualification, by the way,
took place in a race where I barely finished in the top 100. By
comparison, I don’t think there was a duathlon in the States where I
ever finished outside the top 50, so you get an idea of the level of
competition here.

And for laughs, here’s a couple of photos of me in the qualifying race.
Click Here and Here

Way to Go Jon! Let me know if you need any mudflaps for your tri-bike.

One thought on “Jon wins slot at Duathlon worlds

  1. Many thanks, Ed. I suppose I should have posted this on here myself, but I didn’t think it appropriate TDR content!

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