A Visit to Freeze Thaw Cycles in State College, PA

I’m off the bike this weekend to visit my daughter, Super D, in State College, PA. At peril to my wallet, I always make sure to stop at Freeze Thaw Cycles, a crazy cool shop run by Jordyn and Justin. They started out building single-speeds and fixed gear bikes in their apartment during their Penn State days, and the business grew into two locations in downtown State College. We visited their main showroom on Calder Way.

Jordyn and Justin and friendJordyn, Justin, and Friend

For a parts scrounger, FTC is a dreamland. Three speed coaster hubs, fully rebuilt to new service. Huret derailleurs. Campy old. Campy new. Steel frames of every dimension and purpose. Kids bikes. They sell built bikes, including new Bianchi models, but their primary customer buys a refurbished steel frame fixed up with a custom parts mix for city, trail or road use.

Justin said their customer base ranges widely, from parents buying well-built kids bikes to mountain single-speed racers and adults looking for 3-speed town bikes and classy fixies. I bought D a 24″ wheel Specialized Hard Rock from the 90s that is every bit as good or better than the kids bike at your carbon fiber Tr-k concept store.

Enjoy the pictures!

Freeze Thaw ExteriorUp a Flight of Stairs. It’s worth the effort.

Eddiefel at the wheelbuilding couchHow many shops have a wheelbuilding couch?

Neat old bikes made newOld Bikes Ready for another go in the sun

A few of the many forks in the shopMany Forks, just a few here

Frames, Frame, FramesGot Frames?

Frames, PartsFrames, Parts

Classic Campy, 90s CNCClassic Campy and ’90s chic

Super D at Freeze ThawSuper D at Freeze Thaw

HubsHubs, yup, they got hubs. Nice shiny hubs. Commander Data appears to be chastising the photographer for putting himself in the shot, but he doesn’t actually say anything because he’s a doll

Huret.I know it’s Huret, but nothing more. Send me a comment about it.


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