Nick’s Bike Karma

As many of us know, Nick B. recently built up a nice older Trek Elance 400, Reynolds 531 steel, lugged and all, into a fine brevet bike. After just a couple weeks of ownership he saw it crumpled in a collision on the bike trail at the always scary Roosevelt Island parking lot area.

Today MG and I saw Nick riding the other way on some kind of new bike and stopped to talk. Lo and behold, Nick managed to get his hands on yet another lugged Trek 400 in his size. This one is silver and looks great. The paint is scraped a little but overall the bike is in great condition. Here’s a picture of the proud owner and MG, taken by the SW waterfront fish market.

Nick, Trek 400 and MGNick, his Trek, and MG on a sunny June morning


2 thoughts on “Nick’s Bike Karma

  1. Unfortunately, unlike the ’86 Trek 400’s top-quality Reynolds steel, the ’84 Trek 400 is made from Tange’s bottom-quality steel (Manga 2001). It’s fine for a commute bike, but not for randonneuring, as it’s too heavy and it doesn’t “plane”. And there’s something not quite right about the steering, because I can’t ride it no-hands. Maybe with fatter tires, some pneumatic trail would help.

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