PBP No. 1: Arrival

The first wave of randonneurs arrived in earnest yesterday, Wednesday, and with one exception, all the bikes showed up and everyone made their connections. Four busloads of us, all customers of Des Peres Travel, gathered at CDG airport and convoyed over to the start area.

Steve and Lynn building their bikeSteve and Lynn build their bike

Steve, Lynn, Greg Conderacci and I made up the four DC Randonneurs staying at the quiet, lovely L’Auberge du Manet. It is a couple of miles away from the town center. We lack shopping but we make up for it by having lots of outdoor space, larger rooms and a huge breakfast spread. We also have a giant conference room where we don’t have to jam bikes and boxes into a small space as happens at the other hotels. Then again, I have to pay for Internet access by the hour so I have to budget my online time — a good thing, I can sit at the computer when I get home.

I must also report that our French tour bus operator found my laptop (yikes, yes I left it in a complete sleep deprivation daze) up on a luggage rack, found my name and brought it to my hotel last night. It was no way to start the trip but I am now completely relieved to have it back. Whoo.

I’ve posted photos Here
Today we’re taking our first shakedown ride to Rambouillet. More to come later.


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