PBP Warmup Day 3 Aug. 17 — To Chartres

Today we hit the road for a long ride to the immense, nearly 1,000-year-old Catholic cathedral at Chartres, formally known as the cathedral Notre Dame de Chartres. This was to be our big warmup ride before scaling back to a few or no more miles until PBP kicks off in three days.

The day would ultimately have us ride more than 80 miles, with most of the outbound leg into stiff crosswinds. The same four of us who have been staying at the L’Auberge de Manet hotel — Greg C., Lynn and Steve, and me, were joined Andrea Matney, Alex Miller of Tennessee, Gil Torres of Pa., and our savior with French translation, Mike Murray of Michigan.

PBP Aug. 17Buying Pastries on the Way to Chartres

See the rest of the photos Here

I’m bushed so this post will be short. We worked hard but had a great ride. The route, intended to be as short as possible, had a little too much traffic but the drivers were very polite. They waited, then zoomed past with a good margin. Chartres cathedral has to be seen, words cannot describe it. The weather stayed dry and cool, about 65 degrees, and all of us stayed together and had a nice lunch and rest stops.

Everyone is now here, as best I can tell. Maile N. appeared with Lowell G., and we have reports that Nick and Matt are in and well. We also caught up with Max P., who got out on the bike today after spending some time with his family the last two days.

Today marked the end of the warmup days, in my mind. Tomorrow folks are going out for short rides, including the Davis, Ca., Seattle and DC Randonneurs groups. I may join them briefly but my tired head tells me to take a break. All of us had restless nights last night, no doubt due to the lingering jet lag, we think.

More tomorrow. My eyelids are drooping!

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