PBP: Greg Conderacci’s Biz lessons

Greg, of Baltimore, a longtime rider but new randonneur, showed up this year and rode like a veteran. He has written an interesting piece on the business lessons one can take from PBP for the Maryland Daily Record. I can’t republish it without securing the rights, but you can read it Here

Greg in FranceGreg on the road in France

One excerpt: “The biggest issues in long-distance riding are very much like the key decisions businesspeople face. It’s not about doing things right (everybody can ride a bike); it’s about doing the right things. Is this the right time to spend my energy? Is it time to retreat and regroup? Are we throwing good energy after bad to chase the competition? With whom should we ride — who should be on our team? Should we merge with competitors or try to drop them?”

2 thoughts on “PBP: Greg Conderacci’s Biz lessons

  1. Every ride is a race to Greg! ha! Though after riding with him in many of the qualifying brevets, one quickly learns “his” definition of “racing.” – – That being, “the art of riding fast in a non-competitive manner!” A fun read Greg! Congrats again on a great ride!

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