The Mary Chronicles: Seth and his Breezer

Seth, Breezer OwnerSeth, D.C. commuter and Breezer owner Seth’s BreezerSeth’s Breezer, a dumpster find put back to use

(Editor’s Note: MG and I are daily bike commuters and we see a lot of fellow riders going to and from their jobs. Here’s MG’s take on this gloriously warm early autumn evening in Washington).

My daily commute fascinates me… at least lately. Why? Could it be
the traffic? NO. I would definitely choose a different word than
“fascinate” for the rush hour traffic. My fascination comes from
observing all the cyclists. As they come into my line of vision or I
spy them rushing off from an intersection I wonder about the DC
commuters. Where do people ride from? Where do they park their bike
or change into their work clothes? How did they come to ride that
particular bicycle? Where are their fenders? What is the story of
their ride?

Today Ed and I began our exploration of this segment of the DC cycling
community while foraging for dinner at the Whole Foods on 14th and P
Street. After parking our bicycles, we spied an old Breezer that had
been converted to a single speed. As we watched the steed’s owner park
his bike, we meandered over for a closer look.

There we met Seth. His frameset came from a dumpster, disposed due to a flaw in the headtube. He patched it up and a friend who works in a bike shop helped him build it into a fixed-gear commuter.

Why do I like Seth’s bike? I like it because it is a rescued orphan
with personality. The Breezer logo on the seat-tube is sharp, as is
the black cherry color of the frame. The stem is really high, the flat
bars are cute, and the single speed conversion is eye-catching. I even
took a couple pictures of our moments with Seth and his bike; they were
taken with my cell phone so the quality is not super great. I assure
you that my phone does better with phone calls, but you get the idea
from these pics!

Seth likes his bike. He rides it to work every day, rain or shine, all
year round. And obviously he rides his bike to get groceries! Right
on, bike rider!


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