News: 2008 Brevets Posted

The Randonneurs USA website has been updated with the 2008 ACP brevets and fleches, including those in our lovely Washington, D.C. region. It does not give ride start locations. More to come for the D.C. folks at the D.C. Randonneurs site.

Veterans of the D.C. scene will notice that the series has been compacted somewhat to make room for the Shenandoah 1200 on June 5-8. There is also a 600K coming in late June. For those of us whose Easter observances rule out a fleche that weekend, the PA Randonneurs will stage their fleche on April 26.

Here is the D.C. schedule:

200K……March 15
Fleche….March 20-23 (Easter Weekend)
200K……March 29
300K……April 5
300K……April 12
400K……April 26
400K……May 3
600K……May 17
1200K….June 5-8
600K……June 28

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