Back in the blog saddle

It’s been a month since the last post, and I feel guilty about tending to work and my daughter and MG and generally letting TDR go stale. I have been riding my bikes on the weekends when I can, commuting daily, and riding tandem with MG. But randonneuring? Nope.

It really feels like the off-season now. I planned to stay in 200K shape until the next D.C. Randonneurs brevet-of-the-month on Nov. 10, but plans changed and I won’t ride it after all.

That means my randonneuring year is over, unless I get out and ride a permanent. I’ll end 2007 having completed three 200Ks, a Fleche with the Oregon Randonneurs, a 300K, a 400K, a 600K, and PBP. Not bad, and I’m not nursing a bad knee or any other long-term overuse injury, which is my great fear in a PBP year.

I got out for two solo bike rides with Crista Borras and Chuck Wood this month and they were spectacular. Both of them were super-hilly: the “Hornet’s Nest Hundred” from Frederick, Md. on Oct. 28 and “North Mountain Nirvana” from Winchester, Va. this past Saturday, Nov. 3.

We got our first taste of the winter to come with a start in Winchester with sub-freezing temperatures. Thankfully it warmed into the 60s by mid-afternoon.

On Sunday MG and I took the tandem out on what started as a coffee run to Potomac, Md. We had lunch and coffee at St*rbucks, and then decided to ride up to Swain’s Lock on the C&O Canal towpath.

Mule Team pulls C&O Canal boatMule Team pulls C&O Canal boat

From there we stayed on the towpath north to Seneca, then turned back and rode past Great Falls, exiting at the Old Angler’s Inn. In this section we met Doug on his 1984 Raleigh Kodiak hybrid tourer in remarkably good shape, saw a mule team pulling a canal boat, and crossed paths with a pair of friends who we had given directions to the park from our earlier coffee stop.

Doug wtih his Raleigh KodiakDoug wtih his Raleigh Kodiak

We stopped by for a visit at our friends Andrea and Steve’s, and then rode home via the Exorcist Steps where we took some gag photos.

Mary at Exorcist StepsMary at Exorcist Steps Ed at Exorcist StepsEd at Exorcist Steps

I put up a batch of Flickr photos Here.


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