Wednesday Commuteblogging

I’m stealing an idea for a weekly feature from TDR’s own Jon G., who relies on the oldest publishing trick in the book, pet photos, to hook his readers at Americans Amuck. Here we see MG and Nick Bull near the D.C. Fish Market on Maine Avenue, SW. You may recall seeing them there in June. We often see Nick headed toward his Capitol Hill job on our way to our offices in downtown.

Mary and Nick at the Fish MarketMary and Nick at the Fish Market

I’m particularly glad to see the end of daylight savings time. There were way too many riders and runners out around dusk the last few weeks with no lighting and dark clothing. They are gone now and the paths are returned to the year-rounders who generally have decent lighting front and rear.

I’m trying out the Minewt X2 and the Dinotte 200L li-ion lights and they are really, really good lights, equivalent to my 15w halogen Niterider with better optics and tons more run time. The Dinotte is stunningly bright and even; I can turn it to medium when there is no overhead lighting.

And can I say something to the folks riding around with flashing front lights? They’re so distracting on the paths. Can you switch them to steady when you’re not on the street?

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