D.C. Drivers and Cell Phones

The Washington Times reports that the number of tickets for drivers violating the district’s cell phone ban continues to rise. Story Here.

Any cyclist in the city can tell you that this law is widely ignored. It’s easy to tell who’s got their phone to their ear while driving — they weave, they run red lights, they make U-turns, turns from two lanes away, rights on red without looking for pedestrians. A driver ran a red right in front of me this morning while talking on his cell. Let me say it again: one of these days someone very newsworthy is going to get killed in a D.C. traffic accident by a driver running a red light, and probably talking on their cell at the same time. Maybe then we’ll get some enforcement.

3 thoughts on “D.C. Drivers and Cell Phones

  1. Isn’t it amazing that states are much more willing to pass seatbelt laws (cure) than distracted driver laws (prevention). Your right, to change the law, it’ll probobly take someone important to dieing. I’m not sure what the penalty for DUI is but the penalties are much stiffer than distracted driving though the results are often the same.

  2. They’ll enforce the cell phone law when they enforce the speed limits…oh, I forgot, they dont enforce the speed limits, or following too closely, or….

    We shouldnt be surprised. DC and esp Maryland cant even pave the roads smooth (the Maryland Bike Map is an insult and a joke…it’s horrible!!!) …and good luck finding a road with a shoulder in Virginia, anywhere from Rosslyn all the way to Blacksburg!…

  3. But you know it’s those cyclists who run red lights who are endangering the whole world and shouldn’t even be allowed on the streets!

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