Bleriot S&S Packing

I rode my longer brevets, fleche and PBP this year on my S&S coupled 650b Rivendell Bleriot,  and thought it might be helpful to post photos of the packing process. See the photos on my Flickr set.

Bleriot S&S PackingBleriot S&S Packing

The value of an S&S frameset (or Bike Friday) is not just that you avoid punative airline fees, but also in the ease of travel overall. Moving a suitcase through an airport is a whole lot easier than a full size travel bike case, or a box. Fellow randonneur Alex Miller of Tennessee had a great idea. He uses two S&S cases. Pack half the bike in each case and fill in with clothes — it speeds up the packing and lets him say that neither case contains a bike, in the case of some airlines that charge you even if the bike fits within luggage size and weight limits.

6 thoughts on “Bleriot S&S Packing

  1. Is that a dedicated S&S case or was it something you bought off the shelf? And what are those white pipe-like things?

  2. Wow, that’s harsh. I didn’t know some airlines charge for a bike even if the case is within standard luggage dimensions. Do you have a list of airlines that do this so I know which to boycott?

  3. Varies. Air France tried to charge me $150 for my S&S case in Paris but waived it when they realized I was with the PBP group through Des Peres Travel. Best to check with your airline when you book and to take their written policy in hand with you to the check-in gate. And by all means don’t volunteer that you have a bike.

  4. Also there are several version of the S&S boxes – technically the one 12 inches deep is the legal one – but we now have 2 boxes – one came with my hubbys americano that he scored for $1500 at recycled cycles – If he isn’t using his box to travel with – I use it and it saves me from having a melt down the 14″ version is illegal but it makes the bike so much easier to pack.

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