Extending The DiNotte AA Runtime

I gathered the raw materials, not always in the most convenient fashion, for the project I mentioned here. It wasn’t too hard, except that I learned that I’m pants at soldering and therefore decided to dispense with the soldered part of the project. The wires seem pretty secure with several twists, and with some shrink tubing (or as it’s known here, shrink sleeving or heatshrink), it’s even more secure. The first one I secured with electrical tape, but the rest I secured with a second layer of shrink tubing and left well enough alone. Not sure how the whole operation would work in rainy conditions–would water creep in and short out my circuits?–but I made four, so I have some redundancy. If all else fails, I can revert to using the DiNotte as originally designed.

The Raw MaterialsThe Raw Materials

Half FinishedHalf Finished


Batteries into the bento boxBatteries into the bento box

et voila! C’est un DiNotte avec deux fois la runtimeet voila! C’est un DiNotte avec deux fois la runtime

2 thoughts on “Extending The DiNotte AA Runtime

  1. Just put it in a plastic ziploc bag, twist the “mouth” around the wire, then put one of the tiny black paper clamp things on the twisted part, and put the whole thing into a second ziploc. Put it in the Bento Box upside down so that rain won’t run down the wire and into the plastic bag. I’ve carried my MP3 player like this through hours of rain and never had a problem. The labyrinth is effective at keeping the water out.

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