Velo Orange Randonneur price bump

As if I didn’t have enough bikes already, I’ve ordered a Velo Orange Randonneur frameset for delivery sometime late next year from VO in Annapolis. Unlike my wonderful Rivendell Rambouillet and Bleriot, the VO will be custom-sized to me and will have the geometry to handle a loaded front bag. It will accomodate wider tires, generator hub wiring, integrated racks and fenders, and powerful Paul caliper brakes.

I mention all this because VO owner Chris Kulczycki has announced a price increase of $200 effective Saturday. If you’ve considered a custom-sized bike designed specifically for randonneuring, his $1,650 price until then is a screaming deal. It is the about the same cost as a Waterford, with more rando-specific details, and more than $1,000 less than the ornate, custom Rivendell. Bicycle Quarterly recently issued a glowing review of the Randonneur’s handling and construction.

MG has ordered the VO Camper touring bike for herself. Even if you’re not in the market for a new frame, it’s definitely worth the time to check out the VO site or visit the VO showroom in Annapolis. Chris is working hard to offer more affordable bags, racks, and components for touring and randonneuring. VO bikes are not cheap, I admit, but the comfort of a properly fitted bike made for our kind of riding is worth every dime.


12 thoughts on “Velo Orange Randonneur price bump

  1. I would suggest an X0-1 Orange but thats just me. I hope to get the RIV rolling sometime this year. Don’t worry though, I find a lot of joy just looking at it.

  2. Great news Michael. I checked with Chris K. at VO when I put down my deposit and he said we can pay a small upcharge for a custom color, and can specifiy some minor details. I’m going with center-mount brakes, so that I’m not locked into the Paul stud-mounted brakes, along with 132.5mm rear spacing, nylon bottom bracket guide, and braze-ons for the VO front bag rack.

    They are going to be very nice bikes.


  3. Ed,
    I’ll be making a few changes as well, like stainless dropouts and clips on the inside of the fork for the dynohub wires. I’m also going to ask for a braze ons for a light mount on the seat tube and the left chainstay. I might do a stainless polished crown and have Ahren Rogers do a custom rack which mounts to the Paul bolts instead of under the crown, but we’ll see how I feel 14 months from now…

    This is a good idea for the combo VO front rack and fender mount at the same time:

    Looking forward to MG’s camper photos, too. Very cool.


  4. Nice touches — I may have to appropriate a couple of them. I also chose the hub wire clips, but didn’t get the rear light mounts. The stainless fork and dropouts — did Chris say those are available, or are you waiting to hear back if Johnny Coast can provide them?


  5. Ed,
    I asked Chris, who gave me rough estimates of the prices. $50 for the dropouts, and $100-150 for the crown. I’m doing the dropouts for sure, but I’m not sure about the crown. I’d really like the custom stem, but they’re really expensive.

    I thought you had said you would never get a custom… :)


  6. So what does customizing entail? If this is sized to you, does the frame get chopped or extended to fit?

    Mike, Ed’s non-riding friend.

  7. Hi Mike,

    custom size means the frame’s height and top tube length, among some other frame details, are made to fit the individual rider. The builder constructs the frame from bare tubes and cuts them to the right lengths to yield a bike that feels great — not too long, not too tall, handlebars in the right place to suit the rider’s style, and their hips are in the right place relative to the cranks and handlebars.

    Did you sign up for one? I could see you on the VO Gentleman’s bike.

  8. your orange velo randonneur…how do you like it? any ride reports? i’m thinking of one, too (have a riv atlantis for touring/commuting…love it) and a rocketship dekerf ht for commuting too…stupidly sold my rambouillet a few yrs back….am also considering a custom guru (made here in canada) or a R&E (rodriques/seattle) randonneur…or stock gunnar sport (will probably be gunnar sport or the value priced orange velo randonneur).

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