Winter Solstice Ride

Yesterday marked one of the most important cycling days of the year: the Winter Solstice. In spite of the many cold days ahead before Spring arrives on Mar. 20, we’ll have a little more daylight every day. I celebrate the solstice as the unofficial start of the randonneuring season, sort of like the opening of training camp.

The Winter Randonneur’s Best FriendToe Warmers: The Winter Randonneur’s Best Friend

Yesterday we took the tandem and rode under damp, gray skies from Mercersburg, Pa., putting in 65 miles on a shortened Crista Borras ride that covered three granny-gear climbs on the Kittatinny and Blue Mountains. Fearing the Dark Monster, we deleted the fourth and fifth climbs and rode back to the start through the much flatter Path Valley on PA75.

MG on the Way to Upper StrasburgMG on the Way to Upper Strasburg

More photos of our ride Here.

With the local Shenandoah 1200 coming in early June, our D.C. Randonneurs brevets are earlier than usual this year. It’s now just 14 weeks until our first ACP 200K and only six months until MG and I ride, hopefully, our second Cascade 1200. In a PBP year, it’s already late February. Yikes!

4 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Ride

  1. Thanks Branson. I heard somewhere that the shortest day of the year is not necessariy the darkest, so the link in the News & Observer site helps explain that one. Have a great Christmas!


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