Catching up with Gregg Bleakney

Last week Gregg Bleakney of Seattle was in Washington for a conference at the National Geographic, and we had a chance to meet and talk. You may remember Gregg’s wonderful PBP photos, published Here. He was first known to many cyclists through his fundraising bike trip from Alaska to Argentina, the Ribbon of Road project.

Gregg Bleakney in Washington, D.C.Gregg Bleakney in Washington, D.C.

Gregg, a randonneur with Seattle International Randonneurs, said his PBP adventure was physically demanding. He and his motorcycle driver Stephan Schier got only a couple of hours sleep per night, and the motorcycle became uncomfortable, so while he was not riding his bicycle, he nonetheless shared in the pain. He was in Paris only after taking a bike tour of Switzerland’s best passes and candy shops, a project he calls “Sweet Passes” which he plans to publish in the Adventure Cycling magazine.

Now Gregg is off to Colombia to see if that country, which is experiencing a renaissance of sorts with the return of stability, is ready for an influx of tourists. Will Medellin become the next Prague? Follow Gregg’s adventure at his blog, and his web site:

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