Wednesday Commuteblogging: Kogswell Model G

I finally got around to finishing the build on my Kogswell Model G, a 58cm fixed gear/singlespeed lugged steel frameset no longer sold by Kogswell. More than a year ago, I bought the frameset from Trinity Bicycles in Irving, Texas.

Kogswell Model G at the D.C. Fish MarketKogswell Model G at the D.C. Fish Market

More photos at my Flickr page; click Here.

I initially built it up in singlespeed mode with drop bars, stock 48-tooth chainring and 18-tooth freewheel cog. The gearing was too big, and after I struggled through a test ride I set it aside for all of 2007 while I concentrated on PBP. Over the holidays I got it down off the wall rack and flipped the wheel to the 18-tooth fixed cog and installed a 42-tooth ring, Nitto mustache bars and Nitto Dirt Drop riser stem. I scrounged up some NOS Shimano Exage aero levers, the ones with the release button that allows the lever to open wide for tire removal.

I also dressed it up for commuting with a Carradice Nelson Longflap bag, Nitto R-10 rack, fenders, and Tektro R556 brakes. The result? A fantastic bike.

I am having a blast. I can ride down from Arlington with only minimal braking, and I can ride back up the climb at night with some standing, but no walking. Around D.C. the gearing is perfect.

Matthew Grimm, Kogswell owner and founder, told me a little about this frame. It was a prototype that was built with 130mm rear spacing, not the 120mm he specified. It languished for a long time and was ultimately shipped to Trinity for a customer, who decided against. It has a mismatched color fork, but it looks nice to me.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Commuteblogging: Kogswell Model G

  1. Thanks Michael. Greg, the clamp will hold a Simplex chainguard I purchased from Velo Orange in Annapolis. I Initially started installing it but decided to wait until I was happy with the front ring sizing.

  2. Very nice. Isn’t it interesting how one can have (or ride) many different bikes and maybe they are all good, but then once in awhile you swing a leg over something that is just in the 10 ring of the sweet spot. My voyeristic non-cycling friends can’t understand that there are bikes that are better suited for specific activities.

    Sounds like you have the prefect bike for your commute application. Now that you are comfortable, let me throw out something that might cause you a little trouble sleeping nights. Have you heard of/ tried/seen the Midge bars? I find them almost always an improvement on moustache bars, they are juuuust right on my Quickbeam, … but that’s just me.

    Hey foget I even said anything, … don’t loose any sleep over this, … your bike is just right, just as it is. ….. ( a little info and a graphic of the Midges)

    Yr Pal, Dr C

  3. Thanks Paul. I may give them a try. I had the mustache bars on hand and decided to give them a try. I noticed my hands get a little numb if I ride for a half hour or more without moving my hands around. so something is not right in my position that way, but for scooting around in traffic and standing up, they are great.

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