Weekend Centuries

Everyone finds their own way to brevet success, and for me one key is to keep up the century riding over the winter. MG and I get out on the tandem every other weekend and try to enjoy ourselves without getting burned out before the brevet season starts in earnest in March.

Lunch at Captain John’s Crab House at Cobb Island, MarylandLunch at Captain John’s Crab House at Cobb Island, Maryland

See a set of photos from this ride Here.

UPDATE: See Rudy Hewitt’s photos from this ride Here.

We continue to enjoy our good fortune to be friends with Crista Borras, who leads informal centuries all year, along with a summer tour and other special events. Saturday we ignored the forecasts of snow or rain in southern Maryland and rode her “Cobb Island Century,” a meandering ride that roughly traces John Wilkes Booth’s escape route to northern Virginia, where he was surrounded and killed.

We were pleased to be joined by former San Diego RBA Barclay Brown, who is living in Alexandria on his motor home bus while on a long-term work assignment.

We had a small group of seven. After MG and I stopped early for our customary tandem wrenching session, I realized we had no bottles, although we had Camelbaks, and we retraced a mile back to a store for some extra water and Gatorade. (As MG correctly predicted, we never needed the extra water!). We met up with Rudy on the run into Cobb Island and then stayed with the group from lunch onward. A nice dinner afterwards at Topolino ‘s rounded out another nice day on the bike.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Centuries

  1. Ed,

    Great ride this week. The course was definitely challenging with the 62 miles before lunch. I had 2 energy bars in the bag went into a panic before the ride, drove over to Sheetz, bought and ate an egg/bacon biscut and 2 more energy bars to ensure proper fueling. Turns out I only ate 1 energy bar at the 32 mile point and felt good all morning. I think that extra biscut was a good idea.

    I got the new freewheel in for the RIV. I was shocked in having no problem removing the old one. I used an highly oversized chanel wrench and it was actually quite easy. No cheater bar required. Upon removal I found and nice layer of grease which probobly made it easier. Hopefully the next time we rid I’ll be on the RIV with new mud gurads, pedals, and bar tape installed. Should be quite a site……might ride nice as well.


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