Cascade 1200 registration tomorrow Feb. 1

UPDATE: Registration has been delayed until Feb. 15.

Previous post: Registration opens tomorrow for the Seattle International Randonneurs Cascade 1200K. For information and to sign up, click Here. Sign up right away, this ride fills up within a couple of days. However, they have taken about 15 from the waiting list in the past. MG and I were on the wait list in 2006 and got in, but we had to wait until May to find out.

Cascade 1200 2006 Rainy PassRainy Pass: Cool air after two days in the broiling desert

We planned to return to the C1200 this year, but our plans have changed and we are now going to tackle the Rocky Mountain 1200 in British Columbia. Registration is set for mid-February. See more about the RM1200 Here.

Also, registration is already open for the Last Chance 1200 in September, from Boulder to Kensington, Kan. and back. See more Here. As yet there is no information about signing up for the June 5-8 Shenandoah 1200K in Virginia. See the event page at the D.C. Randonneurs site Here.


2 thoughts on “Cascade 1200 registration tomorrow Feb. 1

  1. The RM1200 is an absolutely beautiful ride. I had the pleasure of doing it in 2002. Your RBA Matt Settle and I rode together from the penultimate control to Kamloops.

  2. We’ve heard good things about the RM1200 and are looking forward to it. The only issue I’ve come across is frost heaves. They were plentiful on BMB as you know! I may run 35s instead of the 32s we have now.

    Good to hear from you Greg!

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