Rocky Mountain 1200 registration is open

B.C. Randonneurs has opened entry for the Rocky Mountain 1200. Click Here.

After a lot of deliberation, MG and I have decided we can’t attend as we hoped. A number of factors contributed to our decision, but the big ones were time and money. Getting to Kamloops was not cheap from Washington — the best air fares were around $850 roundtrip, changing planes once or twice each way — and the entry fee is $535 Canadian. That’s before hotel nights before and after, plus meals. You can do the math.

The minimum time to travel, set up, relax for a day, ride, and recover before returning home was nine days, with just four of them out on the course. We’re talking a commitment similar to PBP, and after last year I’m ready for something different.

We now plan to ride eight or nine days on tour with our friends in Virginia and West Virginia in late June, and then possibly target the Columbus, Ohio 1000K on Labor Day. We can drive there and have the holiday to ride. This fall we’d like to take some kind of foliage tour.

The Shenandoah 1200K is right on our doorstep in early June but MG is not available due to work. Without her to ride it with me, I’d rather save my vacation time for us to use on tour.


4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain 1200 registration is open

  1. Question from a newbie to randonneuring; have you done the 1000k they run in PA that’s on 8/1 this year? I’m jumping into this head first this year with plans to at least do the series with the DC Randonneurs but can’t get the time to try for the 1200. If things go as they might, I’ll be itching to do more after the 600k I’ll do at the end of June. Forgive my exuberance.

  2. Hey, no, we’;ve not done the PA 1000K. We’re targeting the Columbus, Ohio 1000K at the end of August. Friends rode it a couple of years ago and reported good things — it was a triple loop and they came back to the same hotel each night, making logistics easier.

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