An Open Letter in Support of Nick Bull

UPDATE: I feel everyone who is interested in the D.C. Randonneurs election has probably read my long endorsement of Nick Bull by now and I’ve taken down the Open Letter. Please vote for your choice and consider voting for Nick.

original post:
I’ve posted my thoughts on the D.C. Randonneurs presidential election and endorsement of Nick Bull. This is a watershed election for the club, in that it would add a president to the board in addition to the RBA, which I feel is a needed step in our evolution as a membership organization. For more, click Here.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter in Support of Nick Bull

  1. Wow, powerful stuff. I thought the race between Obama and Clinton was exciting. That’s kid stuff compared to the DC Randonneurs. Seriously, I’m knew to Randonneuring, at least in the official sense, and I’ve ridden with both Nick and Matt on Brevet’s. They both have pasion for Randonneuring. I made my vote but I prefer to keep it private out of respect for both.

    Really I just hope we can continue riding together. I’d hate to think I laid down $2700 on a custom Rivendell for nothing.

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