Maile’s NAHBS Photos

UPDATE: Maile has written up her visit to NAHBS. See her story Here.

Local randonneuse Maile Neel attended the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (more Here) in Portland this weekend and took many great photos of all the groovy bikes on display. Plus, she scored an invitation to a party at Vanilla Bicycles and got her photo taken with the man behind the torch, Sacha White.

Tony Pereira bike at NAHBSTony Pereira bike at NAHBS, courtesy Maile Neel

She promises to send me a little writeup in a couple of days. For now, check out her Flickr photos of the action outside the show Here and her bike show photos Here. Thanks Maile!

Maile with Sacha WhiteMaile with Sacha White


One thought on “Maile’s NAHBS Photos

  1. Nice pics, she seemed to be attracted to much of what I was inpressed by, I have many of the same pix, only mine are out of focus, off center and over/under exposed.

    The Llewellens and the Rexs’ were eye popping. Also, another builder that didn’t seem to get much play but whose bikes I was really impressed by, a Coumbian builder in SoCal, Rebellado I think. That Tony Perreira is Jon Muellners new rando bike, he’s been just gushy about it with good reason. Several other SIR riders have him under contract for a new bike. After last years NAHBS he’s the next new thing, looking at his bikes it is easy to see why.

    Funny, the Naked city bike that got all the awards and attention really didn’t turn my cranks all that much. I think my eye was a bit jaundiced by ‘practical’ considerations. Foolish for an event such as this. Like going to the Detroit Auto Show and dissing all the concept cars because they are not ‘practical’.

    It was a fun event, and a breath of fresh air. One must remember that it’s more like going to an art gallery than a bike shop. If it comes to a town near you in the future, don’t miss it!

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