DCR Moves to Pick New RBA

Acting quickly to draft a new RBA, D.C. Randonneurs on Friday asked members for volunteers and nominations. See the announcement Here. The club’s board is to choose a qualified candidate and put the nominee up for approval by the club membership. If approved, the candidate will formally apply to Randonneurs USA for recognition.

It’s been just five days since the club’s RBA severed his ties to the club and formed his own new club, through which he is to stage the planned D.C.-area ACP brevets starting on March 15. In that regard, riders can still complete local ACP brevets this year despite the change in club by the RBA.

Should RUSA approve the new RBA, DCR hopes to stage RUSA-sanctioned brevets this year and ACP brevets next year. As many of you know, the deadline for ACP brevets comes in the fall for the next year. RUSA brevets can be scheduled throughout the year, provided they are submitted to RUSA five weeks in advance.

Approval by RUSA of multiple RBAs in relative proximity is not new. There are four in northern California; three in Florida; two in North Carolina; and four between eastern Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. See the full RBA list Here.


2 thoughts on “DCR Moves to Pick New RBA

  1. You said, “There are four in northern California.”

    Keep in mind that California top to bottom is the equivalent of driving from Savannah, GA to New York. So “northern California” is about as big as five or six east coast states. :-)

  2. The four referenced for northern California are all in relatively close proximity to San Francisco:

    Rob Hawks — San Francisco
    Donn King — Santa Rosa
    James Sharp — Davis
    Lois Springsteen — Santa Cruz

    I did not mention the others in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas — they are hundreds of miles away.

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