D.C. Randonneurs Update

Wait for it..wait for it….

The DCR board met Sunday and decided to communicate with the Randonneurs USA board before formally applying for a new RBA. President Nick Bull sent a message to the DCR Listserv on Monday saying some questions came up during the board meeting that were worth presenting to RUSA before moving ahead, though there is no question the club will apply for a new RBA.

Lost in all this is the fact that Nick was overwhelmingly elected president of DCR. He has been putting in many hours dealing with the club’s future since our former RBA left and formed his own club after losing the election. Thanks and well done, Nick!

Here’s Nick’s message:

We had a very productive three-hour-long Board meeting, Sunday, after the Crista ride. During our meeting, others at the other end of our long table appear to have had a pleasant dinner, instead. Worse, they didn’t even notice that we were having our own little meeting at our end of the table.

After the Board meeting, we’re discussing among Board members some questions that we may want to ask RUSA before proceeding. Better to take our time and get our ducks in a row than to proceed over-hastily. All of us are also catching our breath, somewhat, after a hard week last week where we neglected our day jobs. We do plan in the near-distant future to report results of the Board meeting, post minutes, and hold a vote of membership approval.

Thanks for your patience,

Nick Bull
President, DC Randonneurs


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