Bill Beck Approved

The D.C. Randonneurs have approved Bill Beck as the club’s new RBA candidate. If approved by Randonneurs USA, he would become the second RBA in the Virginia-Maryland-DC area. Bill won a 66-1 endorsement (with three abstaining); see the official results Here. Congratulations Bill!


4 thoughts on “Bill Beck Approved

  1. EXCELLENT! With 97+% of the vote, how many delegates will Bill receive? Will there be a caucus later? Oh, that’s right, you’re in DC, so your delegates are only provisionsal, or is that advosory? or do they count at all?

    Hey a littlle levity to lighten the situation. Hope you (someone at the club) are writing a chronology (as objective as possible) to stick in the club archives. Some where down the way this all disolves (or should I say decays) into memory and that process is never kind to the facts.

    Though at this moment it might be easy to think that this episode is better forgotten the cold hard fact is it won’t be …but it probobably won’t be remembered accutarately. If it documented accurately there is never a need to correct the gossip. Also, this may have happend somewhere else, and it well may happen again (hopefully somewhere else) and a factual account of how it was handled by one rational, democratic organization might be useful.

    I guess that would make these all committed delegates? Though I think for handling this the way your club has you’re all super delgates to the rando convention.

    Yr Pal DrCodfish

  2. Congratulations to Bill.

    On the topic of memory: It hasn’t quite been two weeks since Matt disaffiliated from DCR. In those two weeks, I’ve received about 300 DCR-related emails and sent about 120. Maybe these plus the last couple of year’s worth of the DCR Board’s email chains should be archived for posterity, but maybe sealed for the next decade. They should make interesting reading a decade from now when all of this is only a hazy memory, like a rough period in a 1200K. The part where you’re thinking “Why am I doing this, this is silly, My butt’s killing me. I don’t have anything to prove, I want to just stop for a few minutes and have a rest.” Then you realize you’re bonking and you eat something and twenty minutes later you’re thinking “What a lovely day, I love randonneuring, isn’t this grand? aren’t I lucky to be alive? I’ll be at the next control in an hour or so. Is that Harry I see in my rearview mirror? …”

    The last couple of weeks, and until we hear back from RUSA about Bill’s RBA application, are like those “twenty minutes”. I’m looking forward to when DCR has gotten through the “twenty minutes” and is on its way to putting on brevets again.




    Paul, Ben, and myself have put the Richmond Roundabout 2008 into the history books. We endured three bands of heavy rain before the BH Bridge, stiff winds going west and then a ferocious tail wind coming back up North and East into Ashland. I wish I could show you a picture of Paul riding along with his feet resting on the fork crowns, no need to peddle. We were verbally and sign laguage assulted by a motorist and ate to many Subway Sandwiches.

    All in all epic I think.

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