Wednesday Commuteblogging: Daylight Savings Edition

WCB comes a day late. For some reason I’ve been a little slow all week, which I blame on Daylight Savings Time. We set the clocks forward earlier than ever this year due to a new law that shortened the period of standard time.

We’ve had our first hint of spring, with temperatures in the 50s and low 60s on some days. Add the evening daylight and downtown D.C. has come alive. The Dusty Bike Crowd is out in force — you know, bikes freshly out of the garage for the first time all year, bare legs, no lights after dusk — so we have to watch out on the paths. Still, it’s good to see more and more people on bikes. Bike usage is definitely growing from what MG and I can see.

This week I round up some downtown views.

Here’s MG at Swing’s Coffee this week. The coffee’s strong and atmosphere mellow at our favorite old-timey weekday coffee stop.

MG at Swing’s CoffeeMG at Swing’s Coffee

After work, MG and I like to meet on the Pennsylvania Avenue Plaza north of the White House:
MG on the White House PlazaMG on the White House Plaza

I also captured some neat bikes on my cell phone camera.

An Independent Fabrications Tourer:
IF Tourer Downtown DC IF Tourer Headtube IF Tourer Rear View

Two Bike Fridays:

Bike Fridays #1Bike Friday #2

Finally, this cute pup outside Whole Foods on P Street NW:
Whole Foods Dog


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Commuteblogging: Daylight Savings Edition

  1. Not only more cyclists on the bike paths, I’ve noticed more walkers than ever heading to or from the metro. Maybe higher gas prices are actually starting to change people’s behavior.

  2. Hi Ed,

    I saw the same IF this morning (3/14/08), locked up exactly the same way in front of DOT HQ at 4th & M St SE. She needs a better rack than a trash bin!

  3. Maybe a messenger bike? The Chris King hubs had locking skewers and the owner had laminated cards in the spokes saying what to do if the rider was hit by a car. Seems too nice for messenger work.

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