Sheldon Brown Day

For the last however many years, Sheldon Brown always entertained on April 1 with his unique, must-have, available only on the Internet product introductions. The Tork-Grip, the Real Man Saddle, Sheldon Brown’s Geomagnetic Booster ®, all brought a chuckle.

Harris Cyclery, where Sheldon was guru in residence for years, has put up a little fun item. See the new 900c Wheels!

Here’s my all-time favorite from Sheldon:

The Carrababy


Are you leaving your baby at home……when you could take her with you?

The Secret of Cycling Success!

Don’t you want your child to be a Champion Cyclist? Of course you do! Just because you never made it to the Olympics or the Tour de France, doesn’t mean that you can’t bask in the reflected glory of your child’s achievements! If you want her to be a serious competitor, you’ve got to start while she’s young!

Many parents wait too long to expose their youngsters to the joys of competitive cycling. Influenced by overcautious pediatricians, they often wait until their offspring are old enough to sit up wearing a helmet, in an old-fashioned baby seat or trailer…but doesn’t YOUR child deserve a head start? The sooner you get them on the road, the sooner they’ll get used to the sights, sounds, aches and pains of cycling, and the sooner they’ll learn to persevere in their training regimen regardless of how tired or sick they may feel, or how nasty the weather may be.

If you let your baby’s most formative months go by being a “crib potato” she may never develop the fierce competitive drive that will be needed to become a champion cyclist in the twenty-first century. She’ll be racing against children of other parents who CARE about the sporting development of their little ones, and if she’s going to be competitive, the time to start is NOW!

For randonneurs everywhere who are expecting a baby, or have had to choose between being a good parent and riding a brevet, Sheldon, as usual, addressed your needs. See all of Sheldon’s April Fool’s products and more at his humor page. We miss you, Sheldon!


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