Weekend Centuries! A Doozy and a Half

It took a couple nights sleep to clear my head from this weekend’s Crista Borras century rides, mostly due to Saturday’s tough AND fun hill fest. I went back out with MG on Sunday because we start our brevet season in two weeks with the Pennsylvania Randonneurs 200K, and I wanted to complete back-to-back centuries to wrap up my pre-brevet riding.

The Group along the Susquehanna RiverThe Group along the Susquehanna River

The first was a wild ride from Hereford, Md. through York County, Pa. called “Creeks & Crannies & Maybe Your Granny,” that featured at least 22 creek crossings and associated daredevil drops and steep climbs. In the end Chuck clocked 11,000 feet of climbing. We had a terrific group and joined up with friends Eduardo Ruchelli and buddy Scott from the Philly area for lunch and 25 miles afterwards before they rode off.

See my Flickr photo set Here, or see the Slideshow.

And, I have two short videos! Here’s David, Crista and Chuck:

Here’s Maile and Isaias:

The second ride was out of Thurmont, Md.: “All About Abbottstown,” which had just 4,200 feet of gain. Thankfully so! I was pretty tired.

Jeff Magnuson, back in the saddleJeff Magnuson, back in the saddle MG, Jeff, C&C in AbbottstownMG, Jeff, C&C in Abbottstown

MG joined me on tandem with Crista and Chuck, with Jeff Magnuson our only single bike rider. We had some stiff winds and the temperatures stayed in the 40s, but we had lots of sunny skies. It was one of those rides I’m glad to ride and glad to finish! See my photo set Here or see the Slideshow.

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