Wednesday Commuteblogging: The City in Spring

TDR this week turns to the city as it livens up with the longer days. MG and I toured around Hains Point Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to see the Cherry Blossoms, and also stopped Tuesday evening at the P Street NW Whole Foods and The Bike Rack shop on Q Street. They quickly tightened up the loose headset on my Kogswell G, free of charge. I bought some toe straps in return. Everybody was happy.

The Bike Rack, NW D.CThe Bike Rack, NW Washington D.C.

Then we went to Whole Foods where I watched the bikes while MG went in for dinner groceries. Unlike the Whole Foods in Arlington, the P Street store has ample bike racks in front of the store. In Arlington they stuck a little rack over in the corner of the parking lot that nobody uses.

Bikes at Whole FoodsBikes at Whole Foods

Next we navigated the auto commuter horror show that is 14th Street N.W. Drivers of SUVs had apparently had a meeting and decided to make a desperate run for the suburbs. We quickly encountered two SUVs blocking the bike lane:
Range Rover in Bike LaneIt’s OK to stop here, honey, we have a Range Rover!

SUV in Bike Lane by Liquor StoreBike Lanes Are Great for Stopping at the Liquor Store

We also played “dodge the bad SUV drivers,” the ones who block intersections and then have to bully pedestrians and cyclists out of their way after the light turns red. They somehow think we care that they hang themselves out there with traffic bearing down on them. Not MG!

SUV in the BoxMG stops for No SUV

Finally, for something more peaceful, a view of the memorials from the Virginia side of the Potomac River, where cyclists and pedestrians share a nice multiuse path; plus four minutes of us riding around Hains Point.

A view from VirginiaThe Spring view from Virginia

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Commuteblogging: The City in Spring

  1. Notice, too the “Don’t Block the Box” sign that the SUV is ignoring while MG clears the intersection. Where’s a cop when you need them?

  2. That’s life in the city, I guess. The other part that you cannot see in this photo is the driver yelling at me to “get a horn.” I told him, “I’m a bike rider, I have a bell, and you’re the one blocking the intersection.” He then proceeded to tell me that I was the obstruction on the road. Grr… car culture.

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