A Weekend off the Bike

I spent the weekend in State College with Super D, which is good for us and has the side benefit of getting me off the bike in advance of the big Pennsylvania Randonneurs 200K ride next weekend. It’s rated at more than 11,000 feet of climbing; check out the profile Here.

State College, home to Penn State University and centrally located between Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Washington/Baltimore, is home to five bike stores and we stopped at four of them today. At RBR Recumbents I had a good talk with Rob, the owner, and bought two Minoura Besso fork light mounts and a Niterider extension cable.

King Iris cages, Minoura Besso, Niterider cableBike treasure: King cages, Minoura Besso, Niterider cable

Over at Freeze Thaw Cycles I picked up two gorgeous King stainless steel cages that look quite similar to King’s Iris cage, but slightly different.
I took it as a compliment when Justin, one of the owners, said, “I was talking about those cages yesterday and I said Felker would come in and buy them.” Hey, I love shiny stainless steel — that’s a reputation worth having.


6 thoughts on “A Weekend off the Bike

  1. Hi Ed,

    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your website about the rides and such.

    I rode in State College in November a few times, and will back there in June. I understand the appeal of the area…although you have a daughter in State College?… Anyhow, I really enjoy the scenery around there, although my base for State College adventures is Lewisburg, PA. Tom OSwald of Oswald Bicycles is in Mansfield…if you went up there you’d probably find something to buy as well!…

    Best regards,

  2. Ed,
    I wanted point out how I used a pair of Minoura Besso fork mounts to mount our B&M Ixon lights on the Burley last weekend. It was the first time we had tried this setup, and although we didn’t really need to use our lights for very long, the Minoura mounts did provide a safe a secure mounting point for the lights. Instead of using the provided stainless steel bands to secure the mounts, I ditched the stock hardware and used a pair of 5m x 50mm stainless bolts and washers to fasten the mounts directly to our “low rider” braze-ons. This setup should help you avoid marring your paint with the steel bands, and perhaps provides any even more secure mount than the original equipment. The 5m x 50mm bolts can be kind of tough to find at your local hardware store, but they are available at McMasterCarr.com or a similar supply house. Thought you might enjoy the tip…
    Ron Anderson

  3. Thanks Ron, helpful. I started putting the Besso on our tandem fork and gave up because the strap was difficult to get into place. We have low rider holes and we’ll use your solution.


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