Weekend Roundup

Riders from the DC Randonneurs had a busy weekend while I was up trolling through bike shops in State College, and posted their stories and pictures.

George Winkert, Stealth RandonneurGeorge Winkert, Stealth Randonneur, courtesy Nick Bull

First off, a group rode the ROMA 300K out of Frederick, Md. Nick Bull’s story is at the Randon list and his photos are at his Flickr page. Bill Beck has posted his photos at his Flickr page or see his Slideshow. Rider Keith (?), a.k.a. Trekman1420, has posted a couple of photos Here.

Bill stays with the tried and true randonneur fuelBill stays with the tried and true randonneur fuel. Courtesy Bill Beck.

Meanwhile, Crista led an impromptu Cherry Blossoms ride on Saturday and a hilly century on Sunday. Maile Neel rode both and posted photos at her Flickr page. See the Saturday photos Here and the Sunday photos Here.

Chuck, Crista, Jeff and the blossomsChuck, Crista, Jeff and the blossoms


3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Wow, I’ve sure missed out on a lot of fun while in San Francisco overhauling two 34 litre USCG 87 foot Protector Class boat engines. I’ll make up for all the lossed time by attending the ROMA 300K in Middletown.

    Is there any way I can get me DC Randonneur Jersey at the start line?

  2. Hey, I saw you yesterday as was riding to work. I think you were waving, but i didn’t realize it was you until after you passed.

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