PA Randonneurs 200K Results

Tom Rosenbauer has posted preliminary results from the PA Randonneurs 200K at the PAR site. See them Here.

Dan Blumenfeld (see below) has posted his story at his RanDanneuring blog.

Tom notes a 100% completion rate at the NJ Randonneurs forum:

Given the dismal weather forecast, the difficulty of the course, and the number of new riders either unfamiliar with the course or coming out for their very first brevet, the last thing I expected was a 100% completion rate. But all 38 riders who clipped in this past Saturday “rised up” to the challenge and finished within the time limit — the last 3 riders coming in with just 6 minutes to spare! Dan Wilson, one of the seven first-time brevet riders, was the first finisher with a time of 8:41. And another first-time brevet rider, Dan Blumenfeld, became the very first recumbent rider to officially finish a PA brevet.

Special thanks go out to Steve Scheetz, for helping with bike inspections at the start and to Nate Morgenstern, for leading the way with the sign-in sheets and helping out at finish. And thanks also, to Seeni Komolafe and Rob Welsh for helping with the cleanup and packing up my car. Without volunteers like these, putting on these brevets would not be possible.

The PA200k has been a labor of love and I really appreciate the many kind remarks you gave me. If you have any other comments or pictures to share, I’ll include them in the ride report that I’ll be posting on the website, shortly.

Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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