Tucson Bikes and the Old Rag 200K

MG and I were away in Tucson this weekend for her sister EFG’s wedding. We actually needed a weekend off the bike after getting a little thrashed on the Pennsylvania Randonneurs 200K the weekend before and with the NC Randonneurs 300K coming up this weekend.

Riders enjoying the Old Rag 200K, Apr. 19, 2008Riders enjoying the Old Rag 200K, Apr. 19, 2008

Still, we missed our buddies doing one of the best 200Ks in the Virginia area, the Old Rag 200K out of Warrenton. Crista led the ride as an informal group ride. I’ll be organizing this route as a RUSA brevet for DC Randonneurs on July 19. Maile posted some excellent photos at her Flickr page, or see the Slideshow.

There was a 200k in relative proximity in Globe, Ariz., hosted by the Arizona Randonneurs but it was impossible for us to attend and still be good wedding guests.

Ed and MG in TucsonEd and MG in Tucson

Lucky for us, the Greater Arizona Bicycling Association had its spring Bike Swap on Sunday morning and we were able to go have a look. We found a bonanza of old bikes, mostly in fantastic condition. If we had the storage space I would have bought a couple at least; a Schwinn track tandem and early model Specialized Stumpjumper had my eye. The crowd was relaxed and enjoyed the Sunday morning vibe, with families mixing with fixed-gear scenesters and the classic bike aficionados.

See our photos at my Flickr page or see the Slideshow.

The GABA Swap flyerThe GABA Swap flyer

Schwinn Track TandemSchwinn Track Tandem

Shay and his Kogswell P/RShay and his Kogswell P/R

Bryan Keener\'s 36-inch wheel MTBBryan Keener’s 36-inch wheel MTB

6 thoughts on “Tucson Bikes and the Old Rag 200K

  1. Hi Ed. I found your blog! Very nice. Lovely shot of you and MG. Great seeing you guys in Tucson. AAG and I made it to Catalina State Park on Sunday. Good luck in N.C. on the 26th!

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