NC Randonneurs 300K: Sunny and Fast

UPDATE: Bob Orr has posted his report at his blog.

MG and I successfully completed the sunswept North Carolina Randonneurs 300K ride on Saturday. We had a fun ride. The route from Morrisville, N.C., near Raleigh, to Seagrove was all rollers but no steeps. Tandem Friendly!

MG and Ed in Seagrove, N.C.MG and Ed in Seagrove, N.C.

I’ve posted a set of photos at my Flickr page or see the Slideshow.

The weather was spectacular with moderate southwest winds providing a quartering headwind on the outbound leg to Seagrove and a nice boost on the return as the temperatures climbed into the 80s under clear skies until the later afternoon. The forecast for late day showers proved only briefly accurate; there was one heavy shower that swept across the course and nailed the main group for a few minutes with huge drops. For once our dawdling at convenience stores paid off and we missed the rain.

MG, Jeff, Byron and Branson under bright skiesMG, Jeff, Byron and Branson under bright skies

The regular NCR crew turned out, featuring Branson Kimball and Mike Dayton of Research Trailer Park blog fame. See Mike’s ride report Here. We also got the chance to visit with Chuck Lathe, builder of Coho Bicycles, who was riding one of his own.

Three other D.C. Randonneurs joined us for the ride: Lynn Kristianson and Gordon Meuse on their Co-Motion tandem and Jeff Magnuson on his single. We also got to know Scott McCullough of Linthicum, Md., who rode his Bachetta recumbent. See Scott’s report and photos Here.

For the most part everyone stayed in relative proximity on the out-and-back route and we had lots of time to visit. Thanks to RBA Alan Johnson and helpers Jerry Phelps and Wes for making the event one we really enjoyed. Oh, and an extra thanks to North Carolina drivers who were almost unfailingly polite (we got buzzed once by someone who wouldn’t wait for oncoming traffic to pass, but that was it) and to North Carolina in general for the smooth, quiet back roads.


6 thoughts on “NC Randonneurs 300K: Sunny and Fast

  1. Hey Ed,

    Sweet looking site! Got it bookmarked. You have a real talent for taking photos while pulling a pace line! Sent a link to all my cycling friends to get my 15 sec of fame ;-)

    BTW, thanks for the pull… I enjoyed riding with the “DC” crowd!


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