Weekend Roundup — ROMA 400K and PA Fleche teams

DCRs were active this week up and down the East Coast, despite the wet weather on Saturday night. The group of us at the North Carolina Randonneurs 300K enjoyed the best weather, with just a passing shower in the evening.

Three teams comprised of DCR riders pointed their wheels north towards Quakertown, Pa. as part of Tom Rosenbauer’s PA Randonneurs fleche. See the results at the PAR home page.

They all had rain overnight but tried their hardest. Maile Neel’s “Fleche Pedalers” were successful in completing the team’s second fleche of the season, having ridden the ROMA fleche on Easter. See her photos at her Flickr page or see the Slideshow.

Bob Casciato’s “Italian Ice” Team also finished on time. TDR has been promised a report and photos; stay tuned.

Bill Beck’s “Fleche in the Penn” team took a group spill in the rain with no permanent damage to riders or bikes, but decided for safety’s sake to DNF rather than continue. See Bill’s photoset or the Slideshow, complete with details about the team and their ride.

Before the weekend, Crista Borras and Chuck Wood’s Team Carnivore withdrew from the event due to rider illness and the withdrawal of a team member, which left the team with only two riders.

Over in Leesburg, Va., a group of 17 riders undertook the ROMA 400K, which included the opening segment of the Shenandoah 1200K. They also endured a wet, cold night and had to cross a flooded low-water bridge. Nick Bull has posted a long report at the Randon list.

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