Big Weekend Ahead

A hearty good luck and great ride to all our friends this weekend undertaking big rides. A handful of D.C. Randonneurs will take the start of the Shenandoah 1200K, and TDR wishes them the best. Kelly, Andrea, Greg, Paul — we know you will finish strong. A big “randonneur salute” also goes out to TDR buddies Curtis Palmer, Jack Holmgren, Lin Osbourne, the Fuoco brothers Art and Dan, Larry Midura (remember LEL ’01? Yikes!), Alejandro Torres and all the rest we’ve come to know.

Lin, a member of the North Carolina Randonneurs who finished our NCR 400K with us, spoke to Mike Dayton (who is manning the Fancy Gap control) about his preparation at Mike’s Research Trailer Park blog. Whether you’ve done a 1200K or hope to ride one someday, Lin makes some valuable observations.

Meanwhile DCR Prez Nick Bull takes his GPS and coupled Gunnar Sport rando bike to Seattle this weekend for the Seattle International Randonneurs Four Passes 600K.

As many of you know, MG and I have a special place in our rando hearts for the Seattle randonneurs after completing the Cascade 1200K in 2006. Mark Thomas has written up his pre-ride of the Four Passes 600K at his Mark’s Rando Notes blog.

Good luck to Nick, who will no doubt finish in great shape. The climbs take forever out there but the views and descents are worth it.

Finally, Crista Borras has registered another permanent, a 402K called the DEVIL’S WICKED STEPMOTHER. You might want to bring low gears for this one with more than 20,000 feet of climbing. Bring your camera, too — all of Crista’s rides are scenic, and the more feet of climbing, the more scenic. She also has registered three 200Ks this year, adding to the growing number of permanents in the DCR region. Check them out at the RUSA permanents page.

I’ll be away this weekend, but I’ll be thinking of you all.

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