Fantasy Shenandoah 1200

(MG is providing this update, as Mr. Felkerino currently finds himself otherwise engaged.)

Just as randonneurs are actually riding the Shenandoah 1200 at this very moment, there are those of us watching them from afar via volunteer postings, website updates, and people’s photo sets. We are the Fantasy S1200 participants, wishing the best for everyone, tracking the riders’ journeys, and looking avidly for any updates we can get.

According to the S1200 website, the field has been whittled down a bit more and, as of this post, 33 riders of the original 56 remain on the route. We hope everybody is taking good care out there, as this weekend is giving us our first blast of Mid Atlantic summer. I jetted out for a 75-mile ride from home this morning (so small when compared to the undertaking of the Randonnee riders!) and the weatherpeople are not telling us any lies. It’s hot out there!

I’m off for a nice nap in the air conditioning now. BUT I will be back to the computer later, checking in on Fantasy S1200, and wishing the riders still pedaling their way back to Leesburg, VA all the best. I admire the efforts of EVERYONE participating in this Randonnee.


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