Shenandoah 1200K Drama

The heat, humidity and hills have driven the DNF rate on this ride, at last update at the S1200 results page, to 41 percent — 23 riders out of 56 have stopped. Mike Dayton, who staffed the mile 446 Fancy Gap control with a group of N.C. Randonneurs, and other helpers, said riders arrived well cooked from the Friday temperatures and some were having stomach trouble.

Mike has updated his photoset with additional Fancy Gap photos and some from Hillsville. See them Here.

Jim Logan has also posted a photoset from Friday at the Harrisonburg control.

No updates have come in from the course today (Saturday) except to show that lead riders Ted Lapinski and George Hiscox made it to the mile 667 Harrisonburg control before 2 p.m. today. The remaining riders show progress to the mile 458 control at Hillsville early this morning.

Hopefully the riders are taking it easy and using their wits to finish within the time limit. I received a message from Jack Holmgren of San Francisco, who pulled out on Friday, who said he was headed back out on the course in his car to hand out ice-filled socks for riders to put around their necks. They worked for us in the vicious heat of the Cascade 1200; good move, Jack.

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