Nick Completes the Seattle 600K

DCR President and resident GPS-master Nick Bull was in Seattle this weekend on a family trip. Not being one to let his S&S coupled Gunnar Sport miss a travel opportunity, however, Nick rode and finished the Seattle International Randonneurs Four Passes 600K in 38:02. He was among 48 finishers out of 54 who started. See more at the SIR results page.

Check back here for a report and (we hope) photos from Nick. I for one can’t wait to see those snowy mountains that SIR manages to include on their brevets at no extra charge.

Here’s Nick’s post today to the SIR list:

I can’t exactly say that the volunteer support turned this into an “easy ride”, but it was one heckuva lot easier than it would otherwise have been. This was by far the best-supported ride I’ve ever been on, easily outclassing BMB or PBP, let alone the DC brevets.

I claim that the effects of altitude, fatigue etc, are the reason I can’t remember everyone’s name–so I’ll have to just thank all of the volunteers in general, and in particular the Tilden’s and Paul Johnson and Mark Thomas. And I’d also like to thank the many riders who helped me out over this weekend, too, particularly Chris who I rode with Saturday night and Sunday morning, and the person who pulled me for many miles after I bonked in Greenwater (Dan? Ian?).

It was great riding with you all. Hope to be out here in August, so maybe there’ll be a ride going on, then.

Nick Bull


One thought on “Nick Completes the Seattle 600K

  1. Great having Nick out here. He rode an awesome ride, as did many others. Looked great at the finish too!

    Some other postings today on the ride:

    Robert Higdon –
    Geoff Swarts –
    Matt Mikul –
    Joe Platzner – (you have to register to see the pics)
    Paul Johnson (volunteer) –
    Jennifer Chang –
    Ward Beebe –
    Kole Kantner –

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