Shenandoah 1200K Finish

UPDATED: Bill Beck has posted his photos from the final 75 miles plus the finish at his Flickr page and Slideshow.

Kelly Smith and Judith Longley at Mile 734Kelly Smith and Judith Longley at Mile 734, courtesy Bill Beck

Mike Dayton has written up the N.C. Randonneurs experience at the Fancy Gap control at his Research Trailer Park blog.

Original Post:
Brutally hot weather did not stop the finishers of the Shenandoah 1200K on Sunday. Photos from the Leesburg finishing control have already been posted, no doubt the stories will come out soon. See Maile’s Flickr set or the Slideshow.

She also photographed the amazing bikes of the Cirque du Cyclisme, also in Leesburg this weekend. I was out of town this weekend and the silver lining was that I did not go to Cirque and order another bike! See Maile’s Cirque photos and the Slideshow.

Check back to this space tomorrow, when we’ll have MG’s S1200 finish photos and Cirque photos.

Congratulations to all the S1200 finishers and a pat on the back to those who were unable to complete the event — it was, by all accounts, a very tough challenge.

4 thoughts on “Shenandoah 1200K Finish

  1. Thanks Michael. I seemed to be running into you in a way this weekend — saw your LeMond at College Park Bicycles, and then the Freeze Thaw guys said you had stopped in.


  2. Ed,
    I too saw your tandem at College Park with some flashy new Brooks saddles. They said you have a touring adventure planned?

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