More S1200 and Cirque Photos

Randonneur cameras were hot this weekend, and not just from the soaring temperatures in the D.C. region. The Cirque du Cyclisme show in Leesburg, Va. and the finish of the Shenandoah 1200 were well documented. We’ve already linked to Maile Neel’s Cirque shots, but here’s a new photoset link and the Slideshow link.

MG was busy too at both events and Michael Scholten was also at Cirque. (Hmmm, seems like I was the only person not at Cirque or hanging around the S1200 in some way).

Maile and Charles of College Park BicyclesMaile and Charles P. of College Park Bicycles

MG’s Cirque photos are Here or see the Slideshow. Her S1200 finish photos are Here along with the Slideshow.

Andrea at the FinishAndrea at the Finish

Michael has uploaded a Flickr set from the Cirque, or see the Slideshow.

Richard Sachs and Frame in ProgressRichard Sachs and Frame in Progress, courtesy Michael Scholten


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