Tour Time!

No, not that other tour, though we have extended a surprise, last-minute invitation to Levi and the boys. But only if Johann hauls our panniers and hands bottles to us. Then again, we don’t suspect they’ll show up due to all the climbing we’re going to enjoy…this is, after all, Crista Borras’ 2008 Appalachian Adventure!

We love riding brevets, but there is something very relaxing (ha!) about just doing a century or less every day on an extended tour. We get enough sleep. We can enjoy our lunches and dinners without looking at the clock. And we can take a detour (read: shortcut) or stop at a coffee shop. Wait, we stop at coffee shops on brevets, too. Hmm. Anyway, I digress.

The 15-day tour actually started yesterday without us. Crista and Chuck joined buddy Eduardo “these are no ordinary tandems” Ruchelli on the first day from Rockville to Harpers Ferry. Rudy, Maile, Jeff, Michael, Bill, and Mike met them for a send-off. See Rudy’s photos Here. Maile has also posted photos: see her Flickr page and Slideshow.

I\'m Ready! I\'m Ready!I’m Ready! I’m Ready! (courtesy Maile Neel)

MG and I could not ride this weekend. We’ll start tomorrow and meet them in Franklin, W.V. after leaving our car in Woodstock, Va.

This year Crista sends us to far southwest Virginia. She, Chuck and Eduardo will stay in Romney, W.V. tonight, then meet us in Franklin. The next stops are Covington, Blacksburg, Wytheville, and Abingdon. We’ll have a rest day on the 28th. As we sip espresso somewhere in Abingdon, we’ll be rooting for Maile, Carol and Lothar, who will start the Cascade 1200 that morning. Maile and Carol are riding the 1000K ride while Lothar is tackling the 1200K. Good luck you guys!

On Sunday the 29th we begin returning via Galax, Christiansburg (via the Blue Ridge Parkway), Buchanan, Waynesboro and Woodstock. There MG and I get back to our car and regretfully leave the tour to come back to D.C. for 4th of July fun.

Chuck, Crista and Eduardo will continue on to Shepherdstown, W.V. and then back to Rockville, completing the entire tour without using a vehicle. Now that’s eco-friendly!

Lest you think we are really hard-cord bike tourers, think again. MG and I will carry panniers but no camping gear. Hotels for us all, thank you very much. MG and I always have extra appreciation for tourers on the road loaded with tents and all; one of these days for us.

I’ll post about our progress every chance we get. For now here are a few shots from the 2005 Crista tour to Niagara Falls.

2005 Tour to Niagara Falls2005 Tour to Niagara Falls, courtesy Steve Ashurst and Lynn Ho

In Ithica, N.Y.In Ithica, N.Y.

That Old Road\'s A CallingThat Old Road’s A Calling

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