Tour Update: Covington, June 24

I can’t say enough about what gorgeous weather and routes we enjoyed the last two days on Crista Borras’ Appalachian Adventure tour. We began early yesterday in Woodstock, Va. and traveled over Wolf Gap under bright sunny skies and cool temperatures to Wardonsville, and then joined up with Crista, Chuck and Eduardo in Moorefield, before riding on to Franklin, W.V. last night. The weather was warm in the afternoon, but only in the mid-80s.

I’ve posted photos from yesterday and today at my Flickr page, or see the Slideshow.

MG, Crista and Eduardo in MoorefieldMG, Crista and Eduardo in Moorefield

Today we rode from Franklin through the Bluegrass Valley (including a stop in idyllic Blue Grass) and over Monterey Mountain to Monterey, where we had a long lunch. The temperatures were in the low 60s this morning, rising the upper 70s by mid-day. We had beautiful sunny skies with puffy white clouds and low humidity. Traffic was very light or non-existant.

From there we spent the rest of the day traveling south on US 220 — the Sam Snead Highway, lined with golf courses around Hot Springs — to Covington. We enjoyed sections through the George Washington National Forest and lovely, winding roads. We saw a fair bit of late afternoon traffic between Hot Springs and Covington, but most everyone was polite and we got a couple of friendly waves.

Climbing into the Blue Grass ValleyClimbing into the Blue Grass Valley

We were also much better on the bike today. We haven’t ridden with four panniers since 2005 and the bike felt unweildly yesterday. Today it felt more normal, withhout all the wobbly handling on the slower uphills. We put up a respectable 12.4 m.p.h. moving average over 91 miles today.

Tomorrow we continue cruising south to Blacksburg. C,C & E plan to do the entire 91 miles including another one of those little hidden sparking spots in western Virginia, the community of Paint Bank. MG and I plan to ride a little shorter to give our legs a break and get into Blacksburg in time to look around.


One thought on “Tour Update: Covington, June 24

  1. you all look great and look like youre having fun! be careful on the descents!! Gillies in Blacksburg has great vegetarian food; there are good calzones at Mikes; and the Cellar has good food and great atmosphere and great beer! (the Cellar was my favorite hangout spot for years…) Bolos is a great little coffee shop next to Gillies — all these are within walking distance in downtown Blacksburg….take care! mike

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