Tour Update: All Done

MG and I completed our last day on Crista Borras’ 2008 Appalachian Adventure Tour yesterday in Woodstock. We’ll remember this one, especially Wednesday’s massive 100-mile ride that included 74 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Buchanan to Waynesboro. Thank you so much Crista and Chuck for leading such an outstanding tour, to Mother Nature for mostly dry, cool days, and to southern Virginia for your hospitality.

On the Blue Ridge Parkway
On the Blue Ridge Parkway

I’ll have more to say after I get done unpacking and resting today. In the meantime, have a look at some of the photos MG and I have started uploading to my Flickr page.

Tour companion Eduardo Ruchelli has also posted photos to Flickr. See them Here.

Crista and Chuck continue riding today on to Shepherdstown and then back to D.C. on Saturday. One of these years we’re going to do the entire tour, but at least we set a new team record of 867 miles over 10 riding days and 11 days on the road. We’re still working up a count of all the cobbler we ate!


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