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Crista Borras’ Appalachian Adventure Tour delivered what every vacation promises: relaxation. Two weeks away from phones and computers made for a change I enjoyed so much that I’ve been reluctant to sit down at the keyboard in the evenings. But our fellow randonneurs have done a lot in recent days — I’m referring to the Cascade 1200K — and D.C. Randonneurs has a 200K coming up next week that I’m organizing with MG and Maile Neel. So, it’s time to get TDR up off the couch and back on the road.

First off, however, how about a big hand for Maile, Carol Bell and Lothar Hennighausen all putting in a gutsy ride at Cascade. Maile and Carol completed the 1000K and got up on the fourth day and rode back to the start on a 261K permanent. Lothar rode what was a 1240K randonnee. We followed the ride during the tour by smartphone and hotel lobby computers and saw they endured super hot temperatures in the desert, similar to the heat wave of 2006. With enough icy socks and Seattle Randonneurs’ amazing support, they were never in trouble. See the results Here.

Carol, Don and Maile at the C1200
Carol, Don and Maile at the C1200

Maile has posted a big set of photos at her Flickr page or see the Slideshow.

Carol has posted a nice note of thanks at the Cascade 1200K site. See it Here. Lothar has also written up his experience at a new blog he created called Alpine Randonneur. An excerpt:

This darn good burned soup! It must have been on day 2, Karel (the tough Dutch rider from Montana) and I had been riding into a stiff headwind for what appeared to be hours, only to finally arrive at the gas station control. At PBP I rushed through the controls, being afraid I would not be able to complete the ride in the allotted time. At the C1200 my philosophy was just the opposite, I spent a lot of time at the controls talking to my new friends and those good Samaritans. When I grow up I want to be a volunteer at the C1200!

Well done you three. Looking ahead, MG, Maile and I are officially pre-riding the DCR Warrenton 200K on Saturday. The real ride happens on the 19th. Come on out and enjoy the camraderie as D.C. Randonneurs holds its second ride in advance of a RUSA 10th Anniversary ride next month and a full schedule of ACP rides in 2009.


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