Warrenton 200K Final Update

I’m back home in Arlington after the D.C. Randonneurs 200K RUSA brevet today. The event went off without a hitch! All of the 44 riders shrugged off hot temperatures in the mid-90s to finish in good shape, including at least three brevet rookies. With MG, Maile and me riding the pre-ride last weekend, the final total will be 47 finishers and no DNF’s.

The mood at our final control in the Howard Johnson’s was supportive and relaxed, with big rounds of applause for our newcomers. In particular we were treated to the joy of Eisuke and pal Yuuki making it around the course with time to spare after falling behind with a cut tire early in the ride.

That First Brevet Feeling
That First Brevet Feeling

Maile and MG were their enthusiastic selves, making the riders feel appreciated. Maile took more photos of the riders out on the course, and has uploaded new photos to the Flickr set she posted earlier.

Check out the final set Here or see the Slideshow.

I found it extremely gratifying to organize this ride. Maile, MG and RBA Bill Beck helped immensely, as did daughter DF (formerly known as Super D, who just turned 10 last week), who accompanied me and MG today and endured hours of grown-ups chattering away about their ride and bikes. She helped with pre-ride grocery shopping, setup and another late-day run to the convenience store. Thanks honey!

And you riders, you patiently worked with a newby organizer trying to keep everything on track during that hectic half-hour before the ride start.

Eric and Steve at the Laurel Mills Store
Eric and Steve at the Laurel Mills Store

One important lesson learned: have lots of $5 bills handy in the morning. We had 19 same-day registrations this morning and nearly all of them handed me a $20 for the $15 fee. In the end everyone got correct change, we think! Oh, and we were reminded how much randonneurs love post-ride pizza and Coke. But you already knew that, right?

Thanks to everyone for a great day. We hope to get the opportunity to volunteer again soon.


4 thoughts on “Warrenton 200K Final Update

  1. Thanks y’all- Ed, Mary, Maile & Bill- thanks for putting on such a great brevet. My legs are still cramping but I had a blast!

    It was another example of why riding with the DC Randonneurs is so much fun. Super-friendly folks who lead you through some of the most beautiful, challenging and historic country. Add in catching up with old pals, and making new ones- I don’t think it gets any better. Can’t wait to ride with y’all again.

    Once more- well done and thank you-

    Branson in NC

  2. Thanks, Ed, Mary, Maile, and DF,

    Well done! I had a blast, taking it easy and having fun. Fifteen minutes of blackberry picking near the end made up for Piney Mountain Road.


  3. Thanks for a great ride! You guys have such an enthusiastic group; it’s just infectious. I’m looking forward to doing more rides in the VA/MD area! Thanks again for another great time! Paul Rozelle

  4. Thanks for giving me an excellent introduction to randonneuring; I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I’m enthusiastic about doing another brevet and hope to see you all again very soon.

    John Hogan
    Windsor, VA

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