Update: Maile has posted her photoset from Saturday Here. Thanks for the great pictures, Maile!

MG and I set our sights on leading Crista Borras’ Washington-Paris-Washington double century ride this Saturday. But as the week ended, I started getting some congestion from allergies and we both were a little tired. 200 miles seemed a little daunting and I thought about how we could do something else.

I suggested to MG that we change our ride from W-P-W to Washington-Crista-Washington. The new plan was to ride over to Hain’s Point for the double century at 4:45 a.m. (!), but then ride up to Potomac to join Crista’s shorter Bonne Route century. With the ride up and back we would get close to 150 miles, see friends, and get home in time to have dinner and relax.

We liked this plan. The only unknown was whether anyone would show up for the 200-miler and want to ride the entire distance. We had not heard from a soul about it so we were surpised to find Dave Gaudette waiting for us. Luckily for us, he readily agreed to the abbreviated ride. WPW would have to wait. Whew!

We jauntily pedaled up through Georgetown as dawn broke. Our first stop was 18 miles further up the road at the Cyclist Starbucks in Potomac for coffee and snacks before going on the six miles to Crista’s ride start at 7:30.

Georgetown at Dawn
Georgetown at Dawn

What a ride we got out of the deal! Crista and Chuck’s ride was one of two easier centuries they scheduled this weekend before riding the Pennsylvania Randonneurs 1000K on Friday. They are joining Bill Beck, Chris Mento, Kelly Smith & Mary Crawley on tandem and Greg Conderacci. That makes seven D.C. Randonneurs out of 17 riding the event.

Morning Miles on Glen Road
Morning Miles on Glen Road

A very jovial group came together for the ride — Michael Rowny, Lane Giardina, Maile Neel, Dave Berning, Keith Krombel, Glenn Martin and Mike Granger, along with Crista and Chuck on tandem as always.

The Bonne Route takes familiar roads to Dickerson and Point of Rocks on the Maryland side first. We then crossed the Potomac and visited Lovettsville, Hillsboro, Purcellville and Leesburg on the Virginia side. Finally we returned to Poolesville and Potomac in Maryland before making our own way back to D.C. With warm temperatures in the low 90s, no serious climbs and lots of tailwind, the group fairly flew. Everyone was in a great mood, relaxed, while also zooming along on mostly quiet roads.

See the full photoset from this ride at my Flickr page or see the captioned Slideshow.

Lots of Laughs Today -- MG and Maile
Lots of Laughs Today -- MG and Maile
Yummy Blueberries
Yummy Blueberries

Dave B. escorted us out of Potomac before peeling off to go back home — thanks Dave! — and we romped around the course, arriving back at Dave’s at 4 p.m. We were home in D.C. by 6:20 p.m. Nice. A cool moment came when we saw Kelly flying along with his Reston Bike Club buddies coming out of Purcellville. Go Kelly!

We’re doing a short ride with Nick and Jan Bull today (Sunday) and then kicking back for the afternoon. It’s Nick’s birthday so it will be another happy occasion.


4 thoughts on “Washington-Crista-Washington

  1. It was cool crossing paths with you all enroute, and we must have just missed each other again. We passed the same fellow that drafted you on Dry Mill Rd!

    Looking forward to riding with y’all again, assuming I survive the PA1000.

  2. Enjoyed the writeup and pics. Wish I was there. I did a recon for a ride I’m calling Petersburg-Charlottesville-Petersburgh, PCP if you like. It goes through interesting cantrasts and a part if Virginia most DCR’s would never think of riding through. The total mileage was 268.

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