Good Luck to PA 1000K Riders

Update: I forgot to include David Goodwin of Falls Church on the D.C.R. member lineup at the PA 1000K. Good luck to David as well!

Tomorrow eight D.C. Randonneurs will clip in for Tom Rosenbauer’s PA Randonneurs 1000K in Quakertown, Pa. MG and I send out a hearty “Bonne Route!” to them and all the starters.

The DCR Roll Call, according to the entry list at Tom’s informative home page:

Bill Beck
Crista Borras
Greg Conderacci (Shenandoah 1200K finisher)
Mary Crawley (we claim her, OK?)
Andrea Matney (fresh off the S1200K AND RAGBRAI)
Chris Mento
Kelly Smith (another S1200 finisher)
Chuck Wood

Four of them will be on two bikes: Crista and Chuck on their Santana tandem and Mary and Kelly on Kelly’s Cannondale tandem. They’ll be the ones going really, really fast on the downhills! Altogether, DCR’s will make up nearly half of the 18-rider field.

MG and I considered this ride but could not fit it into our vacation schedules. We wish we could be there, but on the other hand it’s going to be very hilly, from what we hear, and we’ve settled into our post-brevet portion of the summer. Translation — we’re glad to watch the progress via Tom’s home page, where he will post updates of rider progress.

MG is set to ride the DCR RUSA 10th Anniversary ride on Aug. 16, but I’m headed into my August break with Daughter DF, which includes a trip to my mom’s house in Illinois the week of the RUSA ride. I’ll miss the fun but I also like taking a break from long distance riding in August so that I have renewed enthusiasm for the fall cycling season. Can you believe Labor Day is just around the corner?

I’ll go ahead and reveal one event I’m hoping to ride, and it’s an actual race. Well, sort of. It’s the Iron Cross VI, a 62-mile cyclocross race in October in Pine Grove State Park, near Big Flat Ridge and Shippensburg, Pa. That it’s near Big Flat in the the Michaux State Forest should give you an idea of the terrain. More to come on this. Tomorrow I pick up a cross bike from College Park Bicycles, and I have to race the thing at least once, right?


5 thoughts on “Good Luck to PA 1000K Riders

  1. Hi Ed,

    One of the many issues I have with cycling is reflected by the SEVENTY dollar entry fee for the Iron Cross!!! Outrageous! I say that as a promoter and director of three big omnium races in as many years in Tallahassee, Florida in the early 90s. I know what the issues are for bike racing in the USA: but fees like that are not helping matters…(yeah I know what they charge at Mt Mitchell, Bridge to Bridge, Mt washington hill climb, etc..)

    ON another subject: i was there when Chris of Velo Ornage opened your box and I saw your saddle you returned– it looked like the one he gave me to ride for 150 miles! My saddle basically was falling apart; in very similar ways to the one you sent back. Something is not right with those saddles, as Chris recognizes (I sure like Chris and his family and bike business, and he’s smart and disappointed by the saddle travails…).

    best regards,

  2. Mike,

    I’d love to pay less than $70 for the Iron Cross but on the other hand it does generate money for two charitable recipients, and it’s about on par with the Dirt Road Randonnee — though that ride is 109 miles. But, I don’t have to drive all the way to Massachusetts. Not cheap, not too expensive. The Sea Gull Century is also pricey compared to the entry fees of years past.

    The VO saddles had such a good layout in terms of rail length and overall design that I’m still interested, if the maker can provide them to spec. Too bad their first shipment did not work out. Maybe Brooks will take a tip and redesign their rails one of these days.

  3. Hi Ed,

    Good luck with that Iron Cross, I rode a great metric century on fire roads and trails in the Michaux St forest several years ago. It wasn’t a race but just an impromptu that a friend cued. Cool riding.


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